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What do you get in a funeral plan?

If you have just set out on your research, you may be wondering: what do you get in a prepaid funeral plan? It’s a great place to start and a common question to ask. There are plenty of ameneties that require some understanding, and as with any service that you put your hard earned money into, it’s important that you know exactly what you’re going to get.

Not only does this help to set your expectations and create reassurance, but if you are looking around at various prepaid funeral plan providers, then it can help you compare the different plans on offer.

Transparency is very important at Prosperous Life and every aspect of a funeral plan is explained thoroughly to all of our customers. This article takes you through that process, breaking down the various services that our three funeral plans cover, and giving you some more information on each of them.

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An informed choice on burial or cremation

We should get the morbidness out of the way first! Of course, within any funeral plan you should expect to be provided with a choice of coffin, and the option to be cremated or buried.

With a funeral plan you get the autonomy to choose exactly how you will go, so whether you want to be cremated with a service held in a specific location, or have a clear idea of what sort of coffin you have in mind, a funeral plan can cover all of the details.

Speaking with your Plan Manager, you can discuss what type of serviceyou would like, down to the type of coffin you want to be included with your plan. Our plans specify standard and premium coffins, the key difference here is the quality and finish of the coffin – and this will be defined by your chosen Funeral Director.

Funeral Director’s professional services covered

All of our funeral plans guarantee to cover the costs of your chosen Funeral Director. The fees charged by funeral directors are their costs for arranging the funeral and conducting the service.

Taking out a prepaid funeral plan is a way of ensuring that you won’t have to pay anything extra to the funeral director when the time comes, as their services are guaranteed within the arrangements of your plan. 

A hearse taking you direct to the crematorium or cemetery

A hearse is a vehicle that carries a coffin to the funeral service. Funeral plans will include a hearse to take you on your final journey.

It is likely that you will not be able to select a specific hearse for your service – however, some Funeral Directors do have options to choose from, and the use of alternative hearses is also on the rise.

Optional following limousines

Including a following limousine or two in your funeral plan is a great way to make your final journey comfortable for your closest loved ones.

As part of the funeral procession, chauffeur driven limousines are available to transport your close family and friends to the funeral service safely and on time, closely following the hearse. You’ll also have the option to request a special route for the funeral procession to take, should you wish to.

Our Gold funeral plan covers the cost of one following limousine, or depending on your needs, our Platinum plan is the perfect choice for larger families requiring two limousines.

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Use of the Chapel of Rest

The Chapel of Rest is a remembrance room within a funeral home, used by close friends and family prior to the funeral service. With access to a Chapel of Rest, loved ones are gifted with an opportunity to pay their final respects before the service begins.

Whether you choose to make use of this service is entirely up to you. Many people see this as a final chance to say goodbye, but it is perfectly understandable to pass up this opportunity and remember a loved one ‘as they were’.

Advice on death registration and certification

Here at Prosperous Life, our services extend far beyond taking care of your funeral arrangements. We’re here to not only support you through the initial planning process, but to also support your loved ones when the time comes.

Knowing what to do when someone dies can be difficult. Before the funeral arrangements can be put into place, the death must be registered and a certificate of death obtained. 

We’re here to guide your loved ones every step of the way, to point them in the right direction so that the funeral can go ahead without delay.

Preparation and care of the deceased prior to funeral

When you pass away, there will be a number for a loved one to call for your Funeral Director. Your body can then be taken to the funeral directors’ premises. Funeral homes, parlours or mortuaries are operated by Funeral Directors, and they are there to provide preparation and care for the deceased ahead of their funeral service.

Here, your body will be respectfully prepared for the funeral. This will include any requests that you may have with regards to clothing of choice, for example.

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Full list of floral tributes

Funeral flower arrangements are the perfect way for close family and friends to create a truly personal tribute for the deceased as they say their final goodbye. 

Our Gold and Platinum plans include a full list of floral tributes, to enable your loved ones to easily arrange their chosen funeral flowers, with the option of having them sent directly to the funeral service or the family for convenience.

Contribution to disbursements

Taking out a prepaid funeral plan is crucial for protecting the financial security of your loved ones when you pass away. Having these plans already paid for and in place ensures that your family won’t need to worry about any potential financial strain imposed on them at a later date.

To protect your loved ones, all Prosperous Life funeral plans include a £1,000 contribution towards third party costs. These disbursements are payable towards additional fees that aren’t included in the Funeral Director’s costs, such as minister costs, or fees for the crematorium or burial.

Having these contributions in place helps to ease the burden off your family, as without these funds, they would be left to cover the costs at the time of activating the plan.

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Ongoing support

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority here at Prosperous Life, which is why we go above and beyond to offer valuable, ongoing support to each and every one of our customers.

Whether you have a question about your plan, wish to make changes to your arrangements, or simply need some friendly guidance, we’re always here for you. Our dedicated funeral plan managers are easily contactable via phone or email, should you ever wish to get in touch.

Prosperous Life are one of the UK’s leading funeral plan providers, dedicated to making funeral planning accessible to everyone. If you’re looking to take out a prepaid funeral plan or want to know more about the process, we’d love to hear from you! Click here to get in touch.

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