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Stay warm and hydrated as the colder nights close in

As the darker nights are starting to draw in, temperatures are falling and before we know it, we will be in the middle of another chilly British winter. Staying safe and warm should be the number one priority for our health and wellbeing coming into this time of the year. With that in mind, we’ve put together some top tips and advice from our resident health and wellbeing consultants to make sure you look after yourself and loved ones during any potential cold snap.

Keep consistent room temperature

The key to keeping everyone warm and comfortable is to keep room temperatures consistent. We don’t want extremes of hot or cold but a more even temperature throughout the day. Keeping the heating on a lower setting is less expensive and more effective than giving it a lengthy boost after the heating has been off for a time. A cool room will take a prolonged period of heating to get temperatures back to ambient but once temperatures are back to comfortable, it will take less time and energy to keep it topped up.

Move around and layer-up

A winning combination on colder days is for regular physical movement coupled with layers of warm clothing. By taking regular exercise – getting to make a cup of tea or a sandwich – increases blood flow around the body and improves circulation, keeping you warmer than just sitting still for long periods. Wearing a couple of layers will also help you regulate your body temperature more easily, by wearing combinations of thin layers and warmer layers you can add or take off items as and when required.

Stay hydrated

Warmth and movement are great but don’t forget to keep yourself well-hydrated throughout the day too. We’re not just talking cups of tea and coffee either, a few glasses of water a day will ensure your body stays hydrated and allows your organs to keep effortlessly performing all those essential day to day tasks. Drinking water keeps your joints lubricated and delivers oxygen to your vital organs but it also helps regulate body temperature and helps maintain your blood pressure. It’s wonderful stuff!

Be sure to stay in touch

If you follow these simple steps, you will be well prepared for whatever this year’s winter weather brings. If you have elderly relatives or neighbours who are on their own, be sure to pop in for a cup of tea and make sure they are all set for winter too. A friendly face at this time of year will give everyone a bit of a boost and it’s also a great excuse to have a chat and catch-up on all their latest news!

Planning for the future

Creating a cosy winter home is all about the planning. Loved ones will always worry but by taking these simple steps, you will be well prepared. Planning for everything in life is a good thing to do, so if you would like to enquire about any of our other services, such as prepaid funerals, estate planning or lasting power of attorney, then why not get in touch today on 0800 046 5903 or email hello@prosperous-life.co.uk.

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