12 / 02 / 21

Some of the best flowers to plant this Spring

Spring is nearly here and that means some much-needed colour starts to come alive in the garden as the grey winter make way for brighter days.

Flowering plants is just the kind of remedy that everybody needs as the sun begins to shine again. So here we pick some of the best flowers that you can plant in your garden and borders to put a spring in your step.


These tough bulbs bring a lovely purple flower to your garden, so even if you get a little frost or snow, these will still grow through.  A favourite with squirrels so do make sure you put some wire mesh around to give them a good start and not get eaten!

crocus flower


Who doesn’t love a Daffodil! These flowers really do say “spring has sprung” to many people. Daffodil’s beautiful yellow colour are a welcome addition to any garden.

growing daffodils


A flower that is really beautiful to look at and also last a very long time. So, think about where you are going to plant them as they will last all summer.


These delightful flowers come in a variety of colours including white, purple and pink, but their most common colour is yellow. They are easy to maintain and a quite tough, they will still bloom if there is a little frost on the ground.



These are quite tall flowers so may need a trim as they continue to grow over spring and summer. They have a very vibrant yellow colour so are guaranteed to brighten up your garden.

forsythia growing on a branch


One of the most popular flowers, Tulips must be planted in Autumn for them to grow in spring. The added beauty of tulips is that, if they survive the first year, they will come back year after year.

tulips bunched into colours

Pansies and Violas

These small flowers are great for adding a dash of colour to borders around your garden. They will tolerate frost, so you can plant them early and they will last until the end of summer.

pansies flowers

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