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How to cope with grief on Mothers’ Day

Losing a mother or child is always devastating. Learn some of the steps that can help you cope during difficult times through the year like Mother’s Day.

Losing a family member at any age is always a tragedy. No parent should have to outlive their child and no child should have to live without one of their parents. A loss like this can make a family celebration like Mother’s Day incredibly painful and perhaps even unbearable. How can you get through a time like this when the one you want to share it with is no longer there?

It’s Okay To Be By Yourself

First, don’t feel like you have to be around anyone on a day like this do what feels right for you. If you want to be by yourself, that’s okay. You can spend time relaxing, reading or even just sleeping. You can go out or stay in, depending on how you feel. It doesn’t matter what you do if it’s what you need. You can hide from your sadness or embrace it. Sometimes it’s healthy to let yourself cry and let all your feelings out to get through a time like this.

Connect With The One You Lost

When you miss your Mother or a child you have lost, it can help to establish a connection with them. You can do this by taking the time to cherish their memory. You could do something that you know they would have enjoyed such as watching their favourite film or preparing their favourite food. Cooking food is useful because the scents and tastes can help you to recall memories that you shared together.

You can even remember your mother or child with the simple act of lighting a candle. Or, by planting a new flower at their final resting place.

Talk To Someone

If you don’t feel like being alone, talk to someone who is close to you or even a stranger. This will allow you to share the happy times that meant the world to you. By talking about happy memories, you can bring them to the front of your mind and they can almost shield you from the sadness.

Avoid Things That Remind You Of The One Lost

Everyone has triggers that cause them to feel sad when they are grieving or mourning. These triggers can cause overwhelming feelings that are difficult to handle. It can be best to avoid these triggers whether that’s seeing someone else celebrating the day or being involved in other people’s plans. You might also want to avoid social media as this will likely be filled with people sharing moments with their mothers or children.

Look After Your Health

Finally, remember to look after yourself in times like this. It’s important that you stay healthy. Even if you stay in all day, give your body the nourishment it needs and have a bath or a shower. An action like this can help you feel more rejuvenated and cleanse your body as well as your mind.

We understand how hard this time may be for you and hope this advice helps you find a way to cope. Remember, everyone grieves and mourns differently so there is no right answer here. You just need to make sure that you are looking after yourself during this time. You don’t have to deal with your grief alone and should never hesitate to reach out for support if you are struggling to cope.


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