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How ‘funeral poverty’ is impacting families, in Funeral Service Times

Funeral Poverty

Recently, an article of ours featured in Funeral Service Times, where we discussed the concerns regarding ‘funeral poverty’ for families.

In the article, Prosperous Life’s Commercial Director, Tracy Talbot, opened up about the worry families are facing, when their loved ones die without life insurance or a funeral plan.

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“The term “funeral poverty” is described to coin the ever-increasing number of families who struggle to pay for funerals for their loved ones. This happens often as people vastly underestimate the cost of a funeral.

“In the year 2004, the average cost of a funeral sat just below £2000, whilst in 2017 it was already creeping up to just below £4000 – figures show that in 2018 the average spend was £4,078, a huge amount of money that can cause big problems for the families of loved ones who die without life insurance or a funeral plan.”” – Tracy Talbot, Prosperous Life

It’s incredibly important to us that we make people aware of the difficulties that families face, whilst mourning the passing of their loved ones and struggling to find the money to pay for their funeral. Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurence for families in the UK.

The article highlights results of our recent study which revealed that a substantial 72% of the population admitted to not having made any preparations or arrangements for when they die, amongst other surprising statistics.

It’s our mission to break the taboo around talking about death, and make sure that families are prepared in order to protect their finances. We hope that this article and our findings encourages at least one family to start planning for their future, before it’s too late.

Click here to read the full article on Funeral Service Times.

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