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Is my plan protected from inflation?

Yes. Taking out a prepaid funeral plan now covers you against the rising costs of funerals, ensuring that your loved ones aren’t left in debt and having to pay more when the time comes.

How much will it cost me?

We’ve broken our Funeral Plans down into three separate packages that cater to differing needs:

Silver Plan (£3,595)
Gold Plan (£3,945)
Platinum Plan (£4,195)

Click here for a full breakdown of what each Funeral Plan includes.

I have health issues, can I still have a plan?

Yes. There are no health checks involved which means anyone can secure a plan with Prosperous Life, regardless of any health issues they may possess.

Do I need a Funeral Plan?

Funeral plans are not a mandatory requirement for a funeral, but they possess plenty of benefits that make them the choice of over 1,000,000 people in the United Kingdom.

Arranging a pre-paid Funeral Plan means you can make arrangements on your terms. Such a small portion of people who organise funerals for family members are familiar with their loved one’s final wishes. We see this as unnecessary stress at a time of sadness.

With a Funeral Plan, you confirm a funeral director’s services at today’s costs. No matter the future price inflation, you are reassured in the knowledge that there will be nothing more to pay – other than the Funeral Plan itself.

What is a Funeral Plan?

Funeral Plans are a way through which you can prepay funeral costs in advance. Prosperous Life accept the funeral arrangement responsibility, and as such, your family are assured that every aspect will be organised in the manner you determined.

It allows family members the space to pour their mental energy into supporting each other at a difficult time.

Who are Prosperous Life?

Prosperous Life assist the British public by making funeral planning as accessible and straightforward as possible, putting the minds of families at ease by accepting the responsibility of funeral arrangements.

Do I have to pay for the plan in full, right away?

No. We endeavour to accept as many viable payment methods as possible in the interest of inclusion. Each plan is tailored to you, so it’s only right that you pay using your preferred method.

You can pay for the plan in full by making one single payment, you can pay a number of larger payments to pay the plan off quickly or you can pay monthly, the choice is entirely yours and our team will discuss all options with you.

How do you look after my money?

The money you put towards your plan is paid into a secure trust, which is managed by a board of independent trustees.

What will my plan cover?

All of our plans cover the essential features:

- Funeral Director’s Professional Services
- Attending to all necessary funeral arrangements
- Coffin (different standards based on plan)
- Hearse direct to crematorium or cemetery
- Use of the chapel of rest
- Advice on registration and certification
- Preparation and care of the deceased prior to funeral
- Taking the deceased to funeral directors premises within 25 miles
- Attendance of the conductor and bearers
- All funeral staff required to conduct the service
- Cremation, or Interment, Doctor and Minister costs (up to £1,000)

Optional extras also include following limousines and a full list of floral tributes, which are included in our Gold and Platinum plans. You can find out more about our plans here.

What does the plan not cover?

If you choose a burial, the plan does not cover the cost of purchasing the burial plot.

If you die outside of the UK, the plan does not cover the cost of repatriation back to the UK.

If the allowance for the third-party costs does not fully cover them at the time of need, the full balance will need to be covered – either by your next of kin or representative.

If you have made any requests on the personal request form that are not part of the plan, i.e. flowers or memorials, they will not be covered.

If your next of kin or representative chooses a different funeral director than the one stated on the plan certificate, there may also be further costs incurred that won’t be covered.

Can I take out a plan for someone else?

Yes. You can take out a plan for a relative if you wish to cover them against the rising costs of funerals. All of the communication will be done via yourself, and the plan correspondence will be sent to your address.

Can I choose my funeral director?

Please let us know when you apply, if you have a preferred funeral director in mind we will endeavour to allocate your plan to your selected funeral director. However, this may not always be possible under some circumstances. If this happens to be the case, we will proceed to allocate your plan to a funeral director from our panel at our discretion. We will attempt to contact you to notify you of this.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a specific funeral director in mind, as we will appoint one for you from our network of local independent funeral directors.

What happens if I move to a different area?

Your plan will remain valid if you move house. Just call the Prosperous Life customer care team who will allocate a new funeral director within your new location.

What happens if something happens?

If you pass away before all payment instalments are completed, don’t worry. Your funeral will still go ahead as planned, providing that your funeral organiser agrees to meet any outstanding balance on the plan. Should your funeral organiser decide not to go ahead with your plan, they can simply get in touch with us to request a cancellation.


If the Plan is Not Fully Paid at the Time of Your Death

7.1 If Your Plan has not been paid in full at Your Time of Need it may not provide the benefits shown on Your Plan Certificate. If at Your Time of Need Your Plan has not been fully paid We will provide Your Next of Kin with a statement of the balance that is required to be paid to make Your Plan fully paid.

7.2 Your Next of Kin will have the choice of paying for (or reaching terms acceptable to Us for payment of) the outstanding balance in full so that Your funeral can be arranged, or notifying Us that they wish to cancel Your Plan. If Your Next of Kin chooses to cancel Your Plan, following receipt of Your death certificate, We will refund the Net Balance of Trust or, in the event of a state assisted funeral, We will pay the Net Balance of Trust to Your estate. We will have no further obligation to fulfil Your Plan.

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