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Do funeral plans save you money?

Over the last decade, the average cost of a funeral increased by a staggering 54%*, with many families caught between times of great sadness and immense financial pressure in trying to pay for their loved one’s last goodbye.


The rising average cost of a funeral in the UK

Over the last 17 years, funeral costs have more than doubled in the UK. In 2004, the average cost for a basic funeral was under £2,000. Fast-forward to 2021, and families can expect to pay an eye-watering £4,344 for the same type of funeral. 

There is no one reason why funeral costs have increased, but when looking at the whole picture, price increases in these three areas stand out: 

  1. Funeral costs include the actual fees paid to the funeral director, any medical or secular service fees as well as cremation charges. 
  2. Additional costs may span from flowers and funeral notices to memorial costs. 
  3. Legal and administrative fees, including solicitor fees.


Costs covered by a prepaid funeral plan

Not all prepaid funeral plans will cover the same costs and fees; therefore, you must always do your diligence when comparing different providers. 

At Prosperous Life, we have simplified the comparison process so that you can comfortably compare different options. You can choose between three different plans: Silver, Gold and Platinum

All plans include the Funeral Director’s services and use of the chapel of rest. As part of our Silver and Gold plans, we offer a standard coffin with the option to upgrade to a high-quality coffin as part of our Platinum plan. 


Planning without emotional stress

The expense and planning of a funeral can be a logistically complex and emotionally challenging process for your loved ones. By opting for a prepaid funeral plan, you can remove any unnecessary emotional stress during times of grief and loss for your family. 

With one of Prosperous Life’s prepaid funeral plans, your funeral directors services are covered. We will arrange the day how you intended it to be. 


Flexible and protected payments

If you have decided to go with a prepaid funeral plan, it is crucial to ensure that your money is safe. No matter which plan you purchase with us, your payments will be protected via the Great British Funeral Trust. We also welcome the introduction of the FCA’s new regulations to ensure compliance with Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) outcomes from September 2021.

With Prosperous Life, you can also choose from flexible payment options and either opt for a single payment, several larger payments or monthly instalments.


How much do fixed-price funeral plans with Prosperous Life cost?

Pricing transparency is key for us at Prosperous Life. The costs you see for our fixed-price funeral plans are what you will pay; no hidden costs or additional charges**.  Once purchased, your price is locked in and saved from any future increases. So you can focus on living and rest assured that your wishes will be taken care of without any added stress for your family when the time comes. 


*Peachey, K. (2021). Funeral costs rise again ‘to more than £4,400’. Retrieved 9 November 2021, from https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51008978 

**Plans taken over a term greater than 12 months are subject to a 4.7% instalment fee



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