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Can you buy a funeral plan for someone else?

Thinking about buying a funeral plan for someone else? Taking out a prepaid plan is a way of ensuring that the funeral goes ahead as arranged, with all wishes granted and the fees of the chosen funeral director covered.

Whether you’re looking to take out a funeral plan on behalf of your parents, partner or another loved one, our guide will talk you through the how, what and why of taking out a plan for someone else.

Firstly, can you buy a funeral plan for another person?

Yes, you can buy a funeral plan for someone else

Whilst it’s not something that anybody looks forward to, there may come a time where pre-planning for someone else’s funeral becomes a necessity. The good news is, it couldn’t be easier to take out a prepaid funeral plan on behalf of a loved one.

You can take out a funeral plan for anybody over the age of 18. Should you find yourself in a situation where the plan holder is unable to make decisions for themselves, they don’t need to be involved in the funeral planning process.

Unlike life insurance, where you need to provide evidence of insurable interest to take out a policy on someone else, a funeral plan can be taken out for another person without their consent. However, we do suggest that you make the person aware, so that there is no confusion and the plan is used at the time of need.

buying a funeral plan for your grandparent

How you can buy a funeral plan for someone else

You should have a basic idea of what the person will want for their funeral, and a rough guideline of how much money can be spent. We would recommend finding out what you get in a funeral plan, so you can consider all of your options and tailor the plan to suit your loved ones’ requirements.

We have a range of different funeral plans to suit all needs and budgets, and are more than happy to discuss your options with you. Browse our plans here.

There is no medical information required to take out a funeral plan, so the only thing needed is the basic details of the plan holder to ensure all correspondence is in their name. The plan must be paid off in full by the time the holder is 85, as is standard procedure with all our funeral plans.

When taking out the plan, it’s important to consider the best correspondence address for all the plan paperwork to be sent to. Ensure that your funeral plan provider is aware of the best address in order to avoid confusion.

How to activate someone else’s funeral plan

When the time comes to activate the claim on your loved ones funeral plan, the process couldn’t be any easier.

You will have already received the contact details of the chosen funeral director, so you simply have to get in touch with them to notify them of the death. Your funeral plan provider will then pay the money from your plan to the funeral director directly.

If you take out a Prosperous Life funeral plan, we offer ongoing support every step of the way. There are several steps you will have to take in registering the death and obtaining a death certificate, which we can help you with.

If you’re not sure what to do or who to contact at the time of need, simply get in touch with us and chat to a member of our team.

activating a funeral plan

Why would you want to buy a funeral plan for someone else?

So, we’ve talked you through the logistics behind this and you now have a good understanding of how it would work. What we would also like to do is take some time to walk you through why this is a popular choice for some people, and the situations it is an option well-suited for.

Financial benefit

Of course, one of the key benefits of a prepaid funeral plan is the fact that you can lock your funeral director services in at today’s prices, protecting you against inflation and the rising costs of funerals. If you recognise this, and you are responsible for the person’s funeral, you can make the decision on their behalf and avoid any increase in costs.

Mental benefits

The person that you wish to take out a funeral plan for may not be in the right frame of mind to make this decision themselves. Perhaps, their physical or mental health is deteriorating and you wish to make preparations with regards to the future. Funeral plans offer you the chance to confirm all aspects of the funeral with the person, ahead of time.

Family contributing to the cost

If you wish to contribute to the funeral together as a family, then a prepaid funeral plan will allow you to organise the financial side of things ahead of time. This is a most welcome feeling of security at a time of such sadness and mourning, allowing the family to grieve rather than organise and discuss finances.

Plan together

Another benefit, as discussed above, is that you can sit down with your family member and discuss all aspects of the funeral planning together. Not many of us get that opportunity, and we’re left guessing about what they would have wanted from their funeral. By taking out a funeral plan for someone else you can have that conversation and make sure that everything is carried out as per the deceased wishes.

a family planning together

Choosing a funeral plan for someone else

With that said, our final section in this piece will take you through what you can choose when prepaying a funeral plan for someone else. If you would like to read through the aspects in more detail then you can take a flick through our post: What do you get in a funeral plan?

Choice of coffin

Within any funeral plan you should expect to be provided with a choice of coffin. You can discuss what type of service you would like, down to the type of coffin you want to be included with your plan. Our plans specify standard and premium coffins, the key difference here is the quality and finish of the coffin – and this will be defined by your chosen Funeral Director.

Funeral Director’s services

All of our funeral plans guarantee to cover the costs of your allocated Funeral Director.

The hearse

Funeral plans will include a hearse to take you on your final journey. Following limousines are an optional addition.

Chapel of Rest

With access to a Chapel of Rest, loved ones are gifted with an opportunity to pay their final respects before the service begins.

Preparation and care of the deceased

When you pass away, there will be a number for a loved one to call for your Funeral Director. Your body can then be taken to the funeral directors’ premises to be taken care of with respect and quality.

Full list of floral tributes

Funeral flower arrangements are the perfect way for close family and friends to create a truly personal tribute for the deceased as they say their final goodbye.

Contribution to disbursements

To protect your loved ones, all Prosperous Life funeral plans include a £1,000 contribution towards third party costs** (with the exception of our bronze plan or direct cremation plan). These disbursements are payable towards additional fees that aren’t included in the Funeral Director’s costs, such as minister costs, or fees for the crematorium or burial.

Ongoing advice and support

Our dedicated funeral plan managers are easily contactable via phone or email, should you ever wish to get in touch. We go above and beyond to offer valuable, ongoing support to each and every one of our customers.

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