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Basic funeral plans vs. Premium funeral plans explained

When comparing prepaid funeral plans, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by your options. From the most basic funeral plans to the more premium offerings and everything in between, you’ll find that all plans vary between providers.

So, why are some funeral plans more expensive than others? And do you need to pay the extra money to upgrade your plan?

This article should answer all of your questions surrounding the differences between each level of funeral plan, and everything you need to know about choosing the right funeral plan for you.

How much do funeral plans cost?

Whilst one of the most commonly asked questions, there is no ballpark figure for how much a funeral plan costs. Funeral plans are priced at the discretion of each provider, and the price you pay will be dependent on the plan you choose.

As one of the UK’s most affordable funeral planning companies, Prosperous Life offers competitively priced plans that cover all of the essentials, starting at just £3645. It’s important to us that funeral plans are affordable and accessible to everyone, which is why we offer a range of options to suit all different budgets and requirements.

With a Prosperous Life funeral plan, you’re guaranteed the same incredibly high level of customer service and support no matter which plan you take out, or how much you pay.

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Do I need a funeral plan?

We’re on a journey to promote the fact that everyone should see if a prepaid funeral plan is right for them. We believe that funeral plans should be as normal as car insurance, or dental fees. Here’s why.

Making your wishes known

If you’re looking to make your wishes known and ensure that your family aren’t left in limbo when you pass away, then you need to cement those wishes in an agreed funeral plan that represents the funeral you would have wanted.

Conscious of the impact on your family

Too often, families are left making assumptions on what their relatives would have wanted from a funeral service. Would they have prefered to be buried, or cremated? This can leave unnecessary stress and worry at a time of grievance and hardship.

Of course there’s the financial impact, too. If you pass away unexpectedly then the burden of the funeral, and the subsequent costs, is placed with them by default. You may think this unfair and unnecessary if you have the money saved up to prepay for your own funeral, and thus the service is useful for you.

You want to delegate the hassle

Prepaid funeral plan companies liaise with funeral directors on your behalf, ensuring they are fully briefed on your chosen requirements when the time comes. All of the arrangements are documented prior to the time of need, and all of this is taken care of for you, meaning the hassle and stress of organising a funeral, let alone your own, is not on your shoulders.

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What you get in a basic funeral plan

If you’ve been researching your funeral plan options, you’ll find that most providers offer a ‘simple’ or ‘basic’ plan. Generally, these are the lowest priced options available, and promise to cover the standard necessities for a funeral to go ahead.

Here at Prosperous Life, our Silver plan is our most affordable option, and considered our most standard offering. However, this plan offers far more than a ‘basic’ funeral, as it’s important to us that every customer has everything they need included in their plan that allows them to design their funeral exactly how they wish.

As standard, all of our funeral plans:

  • Allow the choice between cremation or burial
  • Cover the cost of your allocated Funeral Director’s services
  • Allow you to fully personalise the service
  • Include a hearse to take you direct to the crematorium or cemetery
  • Offer the choice for your loved ones to use of the chapel of rest
  • Provide full preparation of the deceased
  • Include contribution towards disbursements

As such, our Silver plan covers everything you need to provide comfort to yourself and your loved ones, with the knowledge that your funeral will go ahead as planned with all of the arrangements covered.

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The difference between basic and premium funeral plans

So, if the Silver funeral plan covers everything you need – why should you pay extra for a more premium plan?

It’s important to choose a funeral plan that not only suits your budget, but also covers all of your wishes. Therefore, our Gold and Platinum funeral plans offer the perfect options for those who are looking to add something a little extra to their funeral proceedings.

By upgrading your funeral plan to one of our Gold or Platinum plans, added extras include:

Coffin types

Our Silver and Gold funeral plans include a standard coffin in the price, but should you wish to spend a little extra and go for our Platinum plan – you’ll be buried in a high quality coffin.

Following limousines

Allowing your closest loved ones the opportunity to travel within the funeral procession in a limousine is a must-have requirement for many people, and that’s what makes our Gold plan the most popular amongst our customers.

Our Gold plan is complete with one following limousine, and our Platinum plan caters perfectly for larger families by including two limousines.

Floral tributes

A chance to say one final goodbye for close family and friends, funeral flowers are an integral part of the funeral service. Our Gold and Platinum plans include a complete list of the flowers that were received and from whom they were sent.

View our Funeral Plans to find out more about what’s included in each plan.

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Choosing the best prepaid funeral plan for you

What do you need from a funeral plan?

The choice is entirely yours when it comes to piecing together the prepaid funeral plan that is right for you. You need to take a look at the list above and decide what your requirements are, only then will you be ready to move forward.

How do you go about choosing what it is you’d like at your funeral? Well, most of us have a good understanding that has been pieced together over many years of considering this. If that isn’t you, then you need only spend some time considering the options above.

The next step is to specify this to your chosen company, who will deliver your requirements to your allocated funeral director, and ensure all of this is documented for the day.

How much can you afford to pay?

With a prepaid funeral plan, the prices you pay are fixed and will never increase in accordance with the industry’s rise in fees. It’s a given that funeral costs will continue to dramatically rise over the years, and this can leave your loved ones in a very difficult situation.

If your life insurance cover or savings aren’t enough to cover the full cost of your funeral when you die, this could leave a huge financial burden on your loved ones, even if they are, the money may not be readily available to your family to pay for your funeral due to processes such as probate. Prepaid funeral plans ensure that the price you pay today will cover the funeral director fees when the time comes and will be paid directly to the Funeral Director following the funeral.

How do you want to pay?

Funerals are inevitably expensive but our aim is to make paying for your funeral plan as easy as possible. Pre-paid plans ensure that you are prepared, and can pay for your funeral in smaller, easy to manage chunks.

Flexible payment options allow for this, and you can pay for your plan in a way that suits you. There’s the option to pay in one lump sum, or even as far as a 10 year payment term, the choice is yours.

All customer money is held in The Great British Funeral Trust, which is a separate legal entity from Prosperous Life Limited. The trust is independently managed, which means that all money is ring-fenced to pay for a customer’s funeral when the time comes.

With a Prosperous Life funeral plan, we’re here every step of the way to support, and ensure that your wishes are fulfilled, to give you the funeral you deserve.

To find out more about our funeral planning services, please get in touch with us.

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