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20 Bucket list ideas for your retirement

As we reach retirement age, it’s important to start thinking about all the fantastic things we want to do. Whether travelling the world, learning a new skill or simply spending more time with family and friends, here are 20 bucket list ideas for your retirement.

1. Travel around the world.

There are so many places you’ve been meaning to visit but never have, whether it’s a family trip or your first time going on holiday abroad, what better way to start retirement than with a new adventure.

Why not visit all of those amazing destinations that were just too far away or work commitments kept you from? It’s never too late to see the world, and with some careful planning (and budgeting!), you can make sure retirement is full of adventure.

2. Learn a new language.

Whether it’s Italian or Japanese, learning a new language is one of the more valuable things you could do in your retirement. You could learn a new language to help you communicate and connect with other people when travelling the world, or simply because you’re passionate about it.

3. Take up a new hobby.

Your retirement is the perfect time to enjoy your spare time however you like, which could mean taking up a new interest. There are hundreds of hobbies to try, whether painting, yoga, or baking. Whatever you choose to give a go in your retirement it will be exciting to try something new.

4. Get fit again.

If you’re already retired, there’s no reason you can’t focus on getting healthy and eating right. With more free time available for exercise, why not enjoy it? Maybe you enjoy running, swimming or golfing. Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean it’s time to relax and slow down. Getting fit and healthy could be a great way to stay active and keep yourself busy in retirement.

5. Try new foods.

Before retiring, your main focus might have been on work and existing commitments. Now that you have more time on your hands, why not try some new foods? Whether it’s South Asian street food or Mexican cuisine, there are infinite options to choose from.

6. Learn a new skill.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, or maybe there’s something else you’d like to improve on. Perhaps you’d love to learn how to be a painter or finally master the art of baking. Whatever your desire, there are many options open to you in retirement.

7. See the world through new eyes.

Retirement is a time for personal development, and that might mean learning more about yourself or who you are. Perhaps it’s time to trace back your family tree or take up some craft courses. Whatever you choose, retirement is a great time for self-knowledge and reflection.

8. Develop your spirituality.

Spirituality doesn’t just mean religion; it can be practised in any way that brings us closer to ourselves and others around us. Having the opportunity to develop your spirituality in retirement is a great way to become more self-aware and compassionate.

9. Have more time for family.

It can be really hard to spend enough quality time with your loved ones when you’re working. Retirement means letting go of those work commitments and having more time to dedicate to family members.. Spend time with your children, grandchildren and older family members; focus on what matters most!

10. Embrace new technology.

Retirement is the perfect time to embrace all of those new gadgets and gizmos that you’ve always wanted to try out but never had time for. Maybe it’s a smartphone or tablet that you’ve had your eye on. Trying out new technology in retirement could become a great way to keep yourself entertained and learn more about modern advances.

11. Work on personal goals.

If there are things in life you’ve always wanted to achieve but never managed due to work commitments or other responsibilities, now is the time to focus on those goals. Whether buying a house or travelling further afield, retirement is the perfect time to make your personal goals happen!

12. Get outside with friends.

By having so much free time, you might find it hard to know how to fill it! Retirement is the perfect opportunity to spend as much time with friends by going on day trips or nights out together. There are so many opportunities to enjoy the great British weather, and going outside as a group can be an enjoyable way of spending retirement.

13. Live your literary adventures.

Remember all those books and films you used to read about the great explorers? Retirement is the perfect time for finding out more about them! Whether it’s learning about the great explorers like Captain Cook or trying out a new sport and going on adventures to remember, it’ll be well worth it.

14. Take up volunteering.

There are endless ways to volunteer for charities and organisations, so if you’re looking for a way to get involved in retirement, then try out one of the many available charity events. It might be something small, like helping run the local church fair, or it could be big – who knows? The great thing about volunteering is that it can be anything you want it to be, and it’s entirely up to you.

15. Adopt a pet.

A cute furry friend is all you need to make retirement even better! There are plenty of rescue centres like the RSPCA that can help you find the perfect pet for you. It’s a great way to keep yourself occupied, and share your home with something adorable.

16. Get renovating.

Retirement is a great time to spend doing all those jobs you always put off. It could be as simple as redecorating the kitchen or completely renovating your front garden – it’s totally up to you!

17. Declutter your home.

Clutter might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about retirement, but it’s a great way to enjoy your time. By clearing out all those extra possessions from under your bed or in the attic, you’ll be able to make space for anything new as well as reduce your carbon footprint.

18. Write your memoir.

Whether you’ve always wanted to write a memoir or not, it’s the perfect time in retirement. If you’re interested, this might be The Great British Bucket List opportunity that makes your book dreams come true. Whether you want it to be a collection of short stories based on your life or a more formal autobiography – get writing!

19. Grow your own food.

From fruit and vegetables to your very own herb garden – get planting! There are many resources available online that can help you start your very own garden beds, so if gardening is a new hobby, there’s no better time to start than retirement.

20. Change your style.

Retirement is the perfect time to be brave and try out a new look. Whether you want to change your hair colour or update your wardrobe – if it makes you happy and feels good, then why not?

Retirement is a time for new adventures and memories. Whether you want to try out a new sport, volunteer more or adopt a pet – retirement should be your chance to do what makes you happy. So, what’s next on your list?



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