With an average of around 77% of recorded deaths in the UK following in cremation, this has become the more common option in recent years.

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Choosing cremation for your funeral

Cremation wasn’t actually a legal option until 1902, but has since become the most common choice by far, with an average of 75% of people in the UK opting for it. One of the primary reasons for this shift is the lesser price, with costs of additional purchases required such as memorial stones and grave maintenance all wiped out.

A cremation takes place at a dedicated crematorium, which typically has the facilities to hold full religious or non-religious ceremonies, although this can also be organised at a specific place of worship before a shorter committal ceremony is held at the facility. Following the cremation, the remains/ashes can be dealt with in a number of ways. Often crematoriums have on-site memorial gardens where they can be scattered, while sometimes the ashes may be taken to another location in an urn to be placed in a location that has some meaning to the deceased.




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Planning a cremation with Prosperous Life

A Prosperous Life plan ensures that your funeral will go exactly as you want it to, whether you want to be cremated with a service held in a specific location, or have specific wishes for what happens to your ashes afterwards. Our plans cover all of the details, allowing you to choose your preferred funeral director, and ensuring any items such as the hearse and coffin are paid for. All of our plans offer a wide range of options ensuring your wishes are just how you want them to be, while helping to relieve your family of any organisational or financial stress.

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