Burial is the more traditional option, but since the legal introduction of cremation in 1902, around of quarter of people in the UK choose to be buried after death.

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Choosing a burial for your funeral

Unlike cremations, burial funerals don’t need to be held at a dedicated crematorium. They can take place in venues that have their own cemetery, such as a church, or can be held in a preferred place of worship before the coffin is transported to a burial plot.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to burials, and it’s important you make your choices clear before you pass away, to reduce the strain on your family and ensure you get your wishes. You may want to be buried in the same grave as another family member, or might want to be laid to rest in a specific location that has some meaning to you.

Planning a burial with Prosperous Life

A plan with Prosperous Life allows you the comfort of ensuring that your funeral goes exactly as you want it to. Your family will be aware of your wishes to have a burial rather than a cremation as will your allocated funeral director.

It is important to understand that our plans do not include the purchase of your burial plot. This should be organised separately by you or your family.

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