Bereavement Services

Bereavement, commonly known as grief, is the term given to the natural sense of loss that is felt when someone close passes away. At such an emotional time, grief may present itself through a number of emotions: sadness, guilt, frustration and anxiety are all common and understandable feelings during the period of mourning.

At Prosperous Life, our Funeral Plans include a direct line to the support your family need through the National Bereavement Service.

Man at a funeral

Who are the National Bereavement Service?

The National Bereavement Service are a not-for-profit organisation, who have a team of bereavement experts that are trained to guide people through the loss of a loved one.

There are plenty of necessary, but unwanted steps that need to be taken when a loved one is lost – and it’s easy to be taken aback by the volume of tasks. The National Bereavement Service are on hand to help family members through death registration, documentation, and anything else you may be struggling to get your head around.

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Supporting your family

To help and support your family, access to the National Bereavement Service is included in all of our funeral plans. No time restrictions are placed on this service, so your loved ones are free to get in touch with them at any time to discuss any practicalities surrounding their loss – or just to generally have a chat and talk through how they are feeling.