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The Trust

All customer money is held in The Great British Funeral Trust, which is a separate legal entity from Prosperous Life Limited.

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The Great British Funeral Trust

The trust is independently managed, which means that all money is ring-fenced to pay for a customer’s funeral when the time comes.

The Great British Funeral Trust is held with Cater Allen / Santander Bank and is managed and audited by professional actuaries Embark Actuarial and professional trustees Guardian Professional Trustees.

This ensures that there is sufficient cash available to pay for all plan holder’s future funerals.

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The primary responsibility of The Great British Funeral Trust Trustees, is to safeguard client funds, ensuring that Funeral Directors are paid in accordance with the clients pre-paid funeral plans.

As beneficiaries of The Great British Funeral Trust, the arrangement with Funeral Directors is to ensure that nothing could possibly affect the payments of client funeral plans regardless of how far in the future that may be. Therefore, the board of trustees are appointed based on nothing less than; personal credibility, diverse skill-set, professional experience, maturity and integrity.

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Embark Actuarial as the Actuary, is appointed by the Trustees as required under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 200.

The actuary is required to determine and calculate the assets and liabilities of the trust at least triennially, and more often if required, to establish that the trust has sufficient assets to meet its expected obligations.

If the Actuary considers that there are insufficient assets he must satisfy himself that the trustees and the Plan Provider have put in place appropriate remedial arrangements.

In valuing the liabilities of the Trust, the actuary will make allowance for the future expected rates of mortality – which can reflect regional differences – and allow for the expected increases in funeral costs as governed by the terms and conditions of the various plans.

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David Downie

David is a qualified Actuary with over 25 years of experience in pensions consultancy.

He left the sunny shores of Trinidad and Tobago to seek a career in actuarial science having gained a financial scholarship to study in England. David trained with two of the largest consulting actuarial firms in the UK.

He is responsible for all actuarial services provided by Embark Actuarial and its parent company, the Embark Group, including holding the appointment of Scheme Actuary to several defined benefit schemes.

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